Linda Lewis’ extensive experience as a research chemist and as an intellectual property attorney allows her to meet her clients’ needs fully. She provides services pertaining to patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  She gives valuable legal advice and counsel and helps with business law.



Linda Lewis has worked with award winning inventors to protect their property. She is committed to providing her clients with valuable patents in a timely manner. Linda also advises her clients if anyone is infringing their patents.



Linda Lewis has helped many of her clients trademark their design, phrase, or symbol. She advises entrepreneurs on how to best protect their business while respecting established businesses.



Any visual or audio creations, including music, videos, art, written documents or computer code can be protected with a copyright. Linda has experience working with artists and authors to protect their intellectual property and advise them if anyone infringes.


Linda Lewis is committed to serving her clients with excellence and integrity. Contact her with any questions about patent, trademark, or copyrighting services. Email or call (314)989-0458. 

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