"Working with Linda was a joy.  She got me a patent on my invention with strong claims, her argument was brilliant."

Mark Stark-Winner of Invention of the Year, 2011, Popular Science

A valuable patent for the auto industry was received at the USPTO and rejected by a previous law firm. Linda Lewis took this patent on and spoke with the examiner to get all 20 claims of the patent accepted. Great JOB!!

Inventor Mark Rode

I am a principle in a pharmaceutical company and have worked with many patent attorneys including my 2 brothers who are patent attorneys as well. Working with Linda Lewis has been like working with a magician who gets things done and patents approved like no other in the industry. She is knowable in many areas and after a initial conversation she is able to grasp the concept and produce documents that sail thru the patent office with the speed of light. I know this sounds to good to be true but after having over 8 patents approved I can vouch for her.

Jeff Shear - Inventor of the Year

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I spoke with some of the best Patent Litigation Attorneys and referred us to Linda Lewis at  CreatiVenture Law. Linda and her law partner Dennis make a really unique partnership. They mold their experiences together they deliver a rock solid plan of pursuit of a Patent Pending (Thanks again to CreatiVenture Law) Concept. Our name: Weathering Solutions┬« Our Copyright Product-Weathering Decals-- Our Patent filings, Terms of Business, etc. This is your one stop shop to take an idea and turn it into a protected, registered, valuable, and profitable asset. Trust in these professionals and don't second guess yourself. Pull the trigger and act on your idea before someone else does. THANKS AGAIN CREATIVENTURE LAW for steering us in the direction of success. Weathering Solutions┬«.


to patent inventions.  she will show you how to patent a product by filing a provisional patent application.

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