Legal Advice regarding patents and trademarks

“I've worked with a lot of patent attorneys in the last 45 plus years and Linda really 

is the best and the smartest.”

Al Kershman – Inventor of the Year 2012 ​



Linda Lewis is a highly effective intellectual property attorney who works closely with entrepreneurs and inventors to help them prioritize their needs while reducing their risks.  She has decades of experience giving clients legal advice and counsel on business law for the protection and enforcement of all intellectual property matters. Linda is a co-founding partner at CreatiVenture Law based out of St. Louis, Missouri.  Her specialties include biochemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical patents, and her clients come from both small and large businesses. Linda is dedicated to serving inventors and business owners nationwide quickly and with excellence to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Linda has experience practicing in all areas of intellectual property law, including:
​ ·        Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
·        Searches and legal opinions on IP rights
·        IP development, licensing, and sales agreements
​ ·        Portfolio management and due diligence evaluations

​Whether you are just starting to develop your idea or already have a product, Linda can provide you with an analysis of your situation and counsel on how to succeed. Contact her at or call (314) 989-0458.

Linda, This is great news. You never cease to amaze me.”

Jeff Shear, Inventor of the Year 2012, upon being notified that his claims were allowed.